Daily prayer

Daily prayer, placing ourselves before God and His Word each day, is vital for the growing Christian's daily schedule. You can pray by yourself, with your family, with friends, at home, at church, with anyone, anywhere! The important thing is that you are growing in your commitment to and practice of daily prayer.

St. Michael’s currently has two opportunities for daily prayer at the church with others:

a) Morning Prayer on Tuesday at 8:00am.

b) Morning Prayer on Thursday at 10:00am.

Daily prayer is held twice daily, and open to the public, at Nashotah House Theological Seminary, which is located just north of St. Michael’s, at 7:45am and 4:45 pm, Monday through Saturday.

Click below for helpful guidance in praying every day wherever you are. The Prayer Guide is from the Anglican Church in North America and it follows the rich historical pattern of Christian prayer.