a working defintion


On our best days, Anglicans are Christians who preach the gospel, believe the Word, teach the Faith, love the Church, cherish the sacraments, and beg the Holy Spirit to come. 

Big 'G' Gospel. The heart of our faith is the good news or "gospel" that God saves sinners through his Son Jesus Christ. We're a "John 3:16 Church." Everything we are, do, and suffer depends on the astonishing fact that God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life. 

Small 'c' catholic. The ancient Greek word catholicos means "whole" and "universal." It isn't a noun, but an adjective. It's not a particular denomination, but a quality that shapes the common faith and life of the great people Jesus Christ calls into being through his gospel. The Faith is catholic because of the wholeness, richness, and beauty of biblical truth. The Church is catholic because she exists not just in one nook and cranny for one golden age, but from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth and from the first promise of the gospel in Eden to the Great Wedding Feast of the Lamb.

Capital 'R' Reformed. We uphold the great truths of the Reformation: salvation by grace from start to finish; redemption by the blood of the Lamb; justification by faith alone; baptism and Eucharist as signs of God's promise and means of his grace; the sufficiency, authority, and life-changing power of the Scriptures; the enoughness of preaching and sacrament, as instruments in the Holy Spirit's hands, to make a gathered people the Church of God.

Gospel. catholic. Reformed. We're bound and determined to have our cake and eat it too: Word and Sacrament, Scripture and Creed, liturgy that helps people know and love God, bold confession of the truth matched by generous embrace of our friends in other churches, catholic Protestants, Reformed catholics, liturgical Evangelicals, Anglicans.