Not sure if this will help you decide whom to vote for, but here are a few paragraphs from the pen of John Owen (1616-83), the greatest English theologian in history, on the work of the Holy Spirit in and upon the rulers of the nations.

"Now, gifts for government are natural and moral abilities of the minds of men; such as are prudence, righteousness, courage, zeal, clemency, and the like. And when the Holy Ghost fell upon any persons to enable them for political rule and the administration of the civil power, he did not communicate gifts and abilities unto them quite of another kind, but only gave them an extraordinary improvement of their own ordinary abilities. And indeed so great is the burden wherewith a just and useful government is attended, so great and many are the temptations which power and a confluence of earthly things will invite and draw towards them, that without some especial assistance of the Holy Spirit of God, men cannot chose but either sink under the weight of it, or wretchedly miscarry in its exercise and management. This made Solomon, when God in the beginnings of his reign gave him his option of all earthly desirable things, to prefer wisdom and knowledge for rule before them all, 2 Chron. 1.7-12; and this he received from him who is the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, Isa 11.2. And if the rulers of the earth would follow this example, and be earnest with God for such supplies of his Spirit as might enable them unto a holy, righteous discharge of their office, it would, in many places, be better with them and the world than it is or can be where is the state of things described in Hos. 7.3-5. Now, God of old did carry this dispensation out of the pale of the church, for the effecting of some special ends of his own; and I no way question but that he continueth still so to do. Thus he anointed Cyrus, Isa 45 ... Yea, and many on whom [the Spirit's political gifts] are bestowed never consider the Author of them, but sacrifice to their own nets and drags, and look on themselves as the springs of their own wisdom and ability."

-On the Holy Spirit, Works of John Owen vol. 3 pp. 148-9

There are at least three insights here I'd like to point out briefly: 1. First, that the Spirit of God is at work not just within the Church, but in every sphere of the creation of which he is the Lord and the Giver of Life. This includes politics and remains true regardless of whether the politicians themselves recognize this truth. 2. Second, that virtue in a politician - prudence, justice, courage, etc. - is indispensable for true politics. 3. Third, that a politician who not only fails to acknowledge the true source of his or her political excellence - i.e., the Spirit of God - but instead exalts himself as the spring of his own wisdom and ability, is positively dangerous.