"There must be faith to make the reception worthy and acceptable to God, otherwise it is nothing but a sham and an external show, which is not Christianity at all ... But faith is a firm trust that Christ, the Son of God, stands in our place and has taken all his sins upon his shoulders, and that he is the eternal satisfaction for our sin and reconciles us with God the Father. He who has this faith is the very one who takes his rightful place at this sacrament, and neither devil nor hell nor sin can harm him. Why? Because God is his protector and defender. And when I have this faith, then I am certain that God is fighting for me; I can defy the devil, death, hell, and sin, and all the harm with which they threaten me. This is the great, inestimable treasure given us in Christ, which no man can describe or grasp in words ... Believe that God steps in for you and stakes all he has and his blood for you, as if he were saying: 'Fall in behind Me without fear or delay, and then let us see what can harm you; come devil, death, sin, and hell, and all creation, I shall go before you, for I will be your rearguard and your vanguard; trust Me, and boldly rely upon Me.' He who believes that cannot be harmed by devil, hell, sin, or death; if God fights for him, what can you do to him? ... This food demands a hungering and longing man, for it delights to enter a hungry soul, which is constantly battling with its sins and eager to be rid of them ... For this bread is a comfort for the sorrowing, a healing for the sick, life for the dying, food for all the hungry, and rich treasure for all the poor and needy."

Martin Luther, The Sixth Invocavit Sermon, 14 March 1522