"Is everything taken away from us, and nothing left to us? Where, then, is wisdom? Where is virtue? Not in us, but in Christ. It is outside us, in God. Thus we have been made babes, fools, sinners, liars, weaklings, and nothings, since everything was given over to Christ ... In Christ God the Father reposes all his wisdom, virtues, and righteousness in order that they may become ours. This is what it means to know the Son. Moreover, you should know that the Father in his mercy reckons to us his Son's righteousness, which is his own righteousness; for the righteousness of the Father and the Son are one; it is one life and one virtue which is given to us ... Therefore, let us hear something about the rest of our souls. 'Take my yoke upon you' [Matt. 11:29]. He does not say: Do this or that; but rather, come to Me, get away from yourself, and carry your cross after Me. 'He who does not take his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me' [Matt. 10:38]. For to come to Christ and go out from yourself is the great cross."

- Sermon on St. Matthew's Day, 24 February 1517